Why Learn Writing?

Strong writing skills can help you:

For many people, writing is a chore. It’s associated with high-pressure deadlines because your professor doesn’t give extensions or your job application is due this week. It’s a mystical, subjective discipline that you’ve either mastered from birth or are supposedly doomed to never understand. Is your name Ernest Hemingway? Were you born with a pen in your hand? If the answer to both those question is "no," why should you take the time to get good at writing?

Here's why: Writing is an essential discipline. Often, the quality of a document is judged by how well it's written. Even if you've come up with the next superstar business plan, twisty thriller plot, or appealing cover letter, readers won't be convinced unless you demonstrate professionalism through high-quality writing.

Whether your goal is to sell your novel, your product, or your term paper, you've come to the right place.  Grammar Minute is the one-stop solution for anyone who wants to master the English language.

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